Quest Hunter is a Co-Op Dungeon Crawler, Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Quest Hunter is a game, as you might be able to guess, about going on quests. It’s a dungeon crawler with some neat ideas that’s been really well received on every platform it’s landed on. And right now you can grab it for iPhone and iPad.

The game sees you trawling through randomly generated dungeons. There are puzzles to solve, monsters to slay and massive bosses to face. You’ll upgrade your character as you play, learning super powers that are going to push you deeper into dark.

There’s a brilliant story here, and the choices you make are going to change how it unfolds. And then there’s the co-op. You can play online or on the same device. And there’s cross platform play, too. Which is, let’s be honest, pretty darn awesome.

All-in-all, there’s an awful lot to like about Quest Hunter. It plays pretty darn well on touchscreen, and there’s hours and hours and hours of game to sink your teeth into.

Click here and you can download Quest Hunter from the App Store right now. The game is free, but you’ll need to spend $14.99 on an IAP to unlock everything. That’s a special launch price, and it’ll go up to $19.99 in the coming weeks.

Want to share your thoughts about Quest Hunter? Looking forward to playing it? Put off by the free-to-try selling system? Whatever you’re thinking, turn your thoughts into words and stick them in the comments section below.