QuestBall is Magical Pong And It’s Coming to iPhone and iPad This Week

We’ve seen a lot of games building on older arcade classics over the past few years. You know, like Crossy Road. The latest in that line is QuestBall, which takes the shape of Pong and throws in some classic fantasy ideas.

You’ll be playing as characters from the annals of British history. There’s King Arthur, Boudica and six others to choose from. Rather than paddles you’re swinging swords and staffs to bat around a magical orb.

On top of that there are a whole bunch of power-ups that you can unleash to turn bouts in your favour. You’ll be scrapping against giants, ice witches and all kinds of other monsters as you work your way through the game.

As you can probably tell from the trailer we’ve embedded above, there’s a lot of action squashed into the pong template. You can expect multiballs, dual duels and even more. Certainly looks like it could be a lot of fun.

QuestBall is set to come out for iPad and iPhone later this week. It’s going to be free to download, with a $1.99 IAP that gets rid of all the ads and unlocks all of the characters in the game. Seems like a pretty fair deal, but it’s nice you’ll get the chance to give the game a go before you throw down any cash.

Are you interested in QuestBall? Are there other games you’d like to see getting modern remakes? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.