Quirky Cross-Platform Multiplayer Game ‘Zoogi Roll’ Will Land on iOS / Android This Summer


In the realm of Zoogi — a land populated by cute spherical creatures, and floating continents — a terrible catastrophe has begun: the sky is falling, and everyone is now engaged in a fierce battle to be the first to collect all of the sky shards! Although the only thing you can really do as a cute spherical animal — living amongst floating islands — is violently ram yourself into things, the Zoogies have managed to turn this into an art form. From contests involving knocking point-spheres off islands — to races regarding slamming each other off first — down to competitions about pushing a giant soccer ball towards a goalpost, the spherical Zoogies have devised many ways to capitalize on their revving up.

Thus went the premise to Zoogi Roll, the competitive asynchronous online game of marbles — by the staff at Little Fish — where you select from one of twenty Zoogies (each with their own unique super powers) and then do battle with players both near and far. However — in order to enable PC, Mac, iOS, and Android users to easily compete against each other asynchronously — a central server needed to be set up, and it was for this reason that the developers of Zoogi Roll recently asked Kickstarter for $1,000 in funding. The Kickstarter community in turn answered yes — rolling out the much needed funds at the eleventh hour — thus enabling Little Fish to continue on with their plans, meaning we can all expect Zoogi Roll to fall finished from the skies sometime around Summer 2015!