Quirky “Musical Adventure” ‘Tadpole Treble’ Is Making Quite a Splash on Kickstarter


Matthew Taranto – the famed creator of videogame parody web-comic: Brawl in the Family – showed an alpha concept for an all new kind of music driven game to people last year. It was entitled Tadpole Treble, and starred a heroic baby frog that had to swim from one end of a river to other – all while avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies – via a hand-drawn presentation. They hook was that the game’s primary obstacle – the landmines – were the actual notes of the song playing on each level, with there being a different musical track featured on each stage.

621d8344f28b8562d3c6973669bc24a5_largeThe initial release was met with a vast array of feedback – some positive, some negative – and Matthew Taranto took every last piece of it to heart, spending the last year rewriting the core engine of Tadpole Treble. He recently announced that it had finally reached a point where he was happy with it, but in order to progress forward – or at least move faster than a snail’s pace – he would need to hire full time programmers to stay on the project. Even though the profits from his comic had been helping to keep him out of the red, an endeavor of this caliber was currently well outside the practical realm of his financial situation.

To that end Matthew Taranto recently launched a Kickstarter to raise the $30k needed to push his game past the finish line, of which – less than a week later – more than half has already been secured. If you’re a fan of innovative rhythm games – or perhaps just an avid follower of Brawl in the Family – you can help Tadpole Treble become realized for a mere $7, securing your own copy in the process (coming to mobile devices, PCs, and the Wii U). Even more generous backers will furthermore obtain the game’s soundtrack, art design documents, sheet music, tadpole plushies, printed Brawl in the Family books, and even a chance to sing during the ending credits song.

Those of you out there who have been excited by reading all of this, and are now itching to pitch in, should remember that the Tadpole Treble Kickstarter will be running until December 7th.