Racing Master is a new Racing Game From Codemasters and NetEase

Most of us are never going to get the chance to drive a car that costs more than several houses into a wall at 200mph. Such is life. Such is why videogames exist. And Codemasters and NetEase have just announced a new racing game that’s going to let you live that particular fantasy.

It’s called Racing Master and it’s a cross-platform racing simulation featuring vehicles from some of the most famous manufacturers in the world. It looks absolutely stunning, as we’ve come to expect from mobile racing games, as well.

The game is going to feature touchscreen and tilt controls, although there’s no mention of whether controllers will be supported. Controller support is usually pretty important in racing games. Here’s the reveal trailer for the game while you ponder that.

“I’ve always wanted to create a high-quality, realistic racing game.” Bo Zhang, the Producer of Racing Master at NetEase Games, commented, “I am beyond grateful and truly honored to have this opportunity to fulfil my aspiration. With Racing Master, we set out to provide a platform for players to spark their passion for racing and experience the thrill of realistic driving!”

Ming Huang, the Supervisor of the game, added, “Partnering with Codemasters gives us the confidence, we need to achieve our goals and create a mobile racing game that can stand out amongst the rest.”

“As leaders in the racing category, we are excited to finally tell the world about Racing Master, the result of our strategic partnership with NetEase Games,” said Clive Moody, SVP Product Development at Codemasters. “NetEase Games shares the same passion and vision that’s needed to deliver a best-in-class racing experience. Taking the world’s most aspirational supercars, Racing Master is rooted in automotive culture and provides authentic wheel-to-wheel action for the mobile platform.”

Expect to spend as much time tweaking your car and adding new parts as you do driving it around ridiculously quickly. Racing Master is set to go into beta in March, and we’ll make sure to let you know when you can get your hands on it.