official art for ragnarok begins featuring the games characters as they wield their weapons and powers surrounded by stone ruins

Ragnarok Begins Classes List: Which is the Best Class?

Ragnarok Begins was released on November 15th, 2022, a brand new side-scrolling MMORPG. This guide features our Ragnarok Begins classes list which includes all of the classes featured in the game so far as well as some tips for those that aren’t sure which class is best for them.

As this is a live-service MMORPG, there will be newly released classes in certain updates so make sure you bookmark this page to keep track of each available class. You can also keep an eye on any upcoming patches over on the developers Twitter page.

Ragnarok Begins Classes List

Down below is where you’ll find our Ragnarok Begins classes list that showcases all of the characters that are available in the game so far. There are also secondary classes in the game which we’ll cover in this guide alongside the main classes.


A great option for those who prefer ranged combat, and brilliant for those new to this type of game.


  • Arrow Shower, Shock Arrow, Double Arrow

Archer: Secondary Classes

Hunter Skills 

  • Broken Arrow, Assault, Fury, Throwing a Net, Withdraw, Penetrating Shot

Ranger Skills

  • Vine Root, Black Mushroom, Sleep Wedge, Aimed Shot, Exploding Shot, Rejuvenation


In short, this is the healer class. They have an important duty as they heal their allies whilst filling the support slot of a party.


  • Holy Light, Blessing, Recovery

Acolyte: Secondary Classes

Inquisitor Skills

  • Chain of Silence, Land of Atonement, Divine Protection, Punishment, Judgement Strike, Strike of Indulgence

Saint Skills

  • Hymn, Light of Bondage, Sanctum, Holy Weapon, Healing Light, Magic Protection


Perfect for those who love to get involved with melee combat. Melee classes are always pretty high-impact and deal quite a bit of damage.


  • Endure, Sweep, Power Strike

Swordsman: Secondary Classes

Defender Skills

  • Devotion, Threaten, Rage, Thorny Buckler, Shield Charge, Shield Bash

Warrior Skills

  • Shock Wave, Maelstrom, Rage, Ground Split, Throw Weapon, Leap


Another fantastic option if you love ranged combat which allows you to use your magical powers to deal damage with the elements.


  • Fire Wall, Wind Gust, Flame Impact

Mage: Secondary Classes

Summoner Skills

  • Summon Small Black Hole, Spirit Return, Swallowing Darkness, Summon Aqua, Summon  Shade, Summon Agni

Elementalist Skills

  • Flash, Ice Storm, Pillar of Fire, Breath of Fire, Ice Spear, Lightning Explosion

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