Raid: Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips for Survival in Teleria

Chances are, you already know your way around Raid: Shadow Legends. This stunning gacha-RPG has been around for almost five years, attracting a loyal following thanks to its compelling Lord of the Rings-esque setting and rich RPG gameplay.

For the uninitiated, Raid: Shadow Legends sees you playing as a resurrected Telerian warrior, brought back from the dead and charged with defeating the Dark Lord Siroth. 

Gameplay-wise,that involves summoning Champions and then upgrading them and equipping them with powerful gear. 

It also means fighting battles in dungeons, deserts, castles, and temples, against AI opponents and human rivals. 

As ever with games in this genre, there’s a huge amount of stuff to do away from the battlefield. Raid: Shadow Legends boasts a rich assortment of loot, currencies, and upgrade paths to follow as you hone your army into an insuperable fighting force. 

This all might sound familiar, but Raid: Shadow Legends is cut from a different cloth than most of its mobile RPG counterparts. To succeed beyond the first few skirmishes you’ll need a tactical mind and plenty of patience. 

You’ll also need to know what’s going on. These five tips should help point you in the right direction as you take your first faltering steps in Teleria. 

Don’t Use Auto Battle for New Champions

Auto battle is the default option for gacha-RPGs. Most of the important work is done in upgrading your Champions, equipping the right gear, and creating the best possible formations. 

This is just as true in Raid: Shadow Legends as it is in any other gacha-RPG – except when you’re trying out a new Champion.

Switching into manual mode will allow you to properly understand the way that a Champion affects a squad, how effective its skills are, and what synergies it creates with the units around it. 

Climb the Talent Tree

Every Champion in Raid: Shadow Legends has its own Mastery, or talent tree. These fall into three categories: Offense, Defense, and Support. Each category contains 22 different talents, unlockable with Mastery Scrolls. 

These Masteries give your Champions a huge variety of extra abilities, allowing them to enjoy advantages over a range of different enemy types. 

For instance, Keen Strike is an Offense Mastery that gives you +10% critical damage, while Evil Eye depletes your target’s turn meter. 

As you can imagine, it’s well worth unlocking as many of these talents as you possibly can. 

Earn 3-Star Ratings

Missions in Raid: Shadow Legends come with a star system. If you just manage to limp through you’ll bag a single star, while if you crush your opponent like a bug you’ll get three. 

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game that rewards ambition. 

Limping through a stage is always an option, but it’s very much worth circling back and going for those extra stars. Not only will you earn greater rewards for a given mission, but you’ll also add to your overall star total and earn yet more rewards. 

Collect and Equip Full Sets of Gear and Keep Upgrading it

Like any soldier, Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends are only as effective as the gear they’re rocking. That’s why it’s vitally important to equip the right gear to the right Champions. 

For example, gear that boosts HP really comes into its own when it’s being wielded by tanks, while your more vulnerable Champions benefit from gear that steals life from your opponents. 

Each gear item can be upgraded to +16, and at each level you’ll acquire new bonus stats. But beware: upgrading gets more expensive at higher levels, so it’s worth considering whether to invest heavily in an item that may well be outclassed by the loot you receive. 

Rank-Up With Care

To rank-up a Champion in Raid: Shadow Legends, you need to sacrifice other Champions at the same rank. The danger here is that you’ll lose high-value Champions that would have helped you later on. 

To get around this pitfall, go into your pool of low-rarity Champions and level them up to the point that they reach the same rank as the Champion you want to rank-up. Then you can sacrifice them with no regrets. 

Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the best RPGs we’ve played recently, and you can download it for yourself right now by clicking here.