RAID: Shadow Legends x Monster Hunter Now

RAID: Shadow Legends x Monster Hunter Now Is The Epic Crossover We All Needed!

Two epic games are teaming up for a crossover. The excitement I feel is the same as I felt back in the day when my friends and I would gear up for a slumber party. RAID: Shadow Legends x Monster Hunter Now is the epic crossover I am talking about.

Here’s the scoop! The crossover kicks off today and runs until March 5th. Yep! That’s plenty of time for you to enjoy the Monsters raiding the Shadow Legends. So, five new Legendary Champions are up for grabs with Monster Hunter Now-themed gear. Keep reading to know more!

Inspired By Monsters And Critters

Apart from the new playable characters, RAID: Shadow Legends x Monster Hunter Now also features a bunch of in-game activities and events. The new champions will be donning weapons and armour that are inspired by Alatreon, Zinogre, Nergigante, Rathalos and Fatalis. You can also score the Rathalos Blademaster Champion for free by simply logging in for seven consecutive days during the crossover.

You can participate in special time-limited events to unlock the remaining four Monster Hunter champions. Plarium also plans to release multiple trailers throughout the event, expanding on the game’s lore and connecting the dots for the sudden arrival of the new characters in Teleria.

Ever Played RAID: Shadow Legends?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy RPG with a live PvP arena. Published by Plarium, the F2P title was initially released in early 2019. It currently ranks #38 in Role Playing in the App Store. The gacha RPG has become a mobile hit with over 75 million downloads and a revenue exceeding $1 billion. If you haven’t played the game yet, grab it from the App Store.

Monster Hunter Now is an augmented reality, location-based title by Capcom and Niantic. So, are you as excited about the RAID: Shadow Legends x Monster Hunter Now Crossover as I am? Comment and let us know. Also, don’t miss out on this latest scoop on Arknights 4th Anniversary PV Is All Things Fun, Check It Out!