Rainbow Six SMOL

Ubisoft Shrinks Rainbow Six Into Rainbow Six SMOL, A New Title On Netflix!

Want combat mixed with a pinch of cuteness? Then, I have some exciting scoop for you! Ubisoft is shrinking its popular Rainbow Six universe into a pint-sized package called Rainbow Six SMOL. Teaming up with Netflix for the new game, it’s exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

How Tiny Is Rainbow Six SMOL?

Rainbow Six SMOL is a rogue-lite shooter that draws on the intense gameplay of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The first glimpse was revealed during the Six Invitational 2024 in São Paulo. It isn’t a typical run-of-the-mill tactical battle. It features pint-sized demons to teeny doggos, all in need of a good dollop of strategy to defeat.

Rainbow Six SMOL is ready to roll and is dishing out its whimsy through five available game modes. Whether you’re defusing bombs or scaring hostages from villains, you can duke it out with 10 varied enemy factions. So, get ready to scoop up XP, unlock new weapons and grab upgrades to make you tougher.

So, if you have played Rainbow Six Mobile, Multiplayer tactical PVP FPS (which ranks at #20 in Action on the App Store, by the way), you can expect Six SMOL to be its cuter twin! If you haven’t played it yet, you need to give it a try! Go ahead and grab the game from the App Store. On that note, catch a glimpse of the SMOL trailer below!

Are You A Netflix Subscriber?

Rainbow Six SMOL can be downloaded on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android users. If you’ve got that Netflix subscription, you’ll be able to get it ad-free and purchase-free playful shooter. Ubisoft and Netflix teaming up have transformed the dark and dangerous world of Rainbow Six into a fun-size format with an art style that’s easy on the eyes.

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