Rayark Provides an Early Christmas Present by Announcing Deemo II

Rayark has just announced a sequel to one of its hit rhythm action games, Deemo. We don’t know exactly which platforms it will launch on, or when it will arrive, but we hope to see it on iOS.

The original Deemo tells the story of a young girl who falls from the sky into the mystic Deemo’s home.

Deemo II is in Development Right Now

Deemo wants to help the girl get home, and that’s where you come in too. By playing songs on Deemo’s piano, a tree will grow that can help the girl get home.

There are over 220 songs to play, from a variety of different genres. The controls are simple too, so you don’t have to worry about doing too many finger gymnastics.

We expect the sequel will provide more of the same, perhaps with fancier visuals and more songs, but we’ll have to wait and see. You can check out the teaser trailer now for a taste.

You can also grab the original Deemo right now on the App Store if you’d like to see what you’re getting yourself in for.