‘Rayman Jungle Run’ Updated with 20 New Levels

1_rayman_jungle_runFist pump time! Ubisoft and Pastagames’ critically lauded and award-winning auto-runner Rayman Jungle Run has just been updated with heaps of new content.

As outlined in the trailer below, today’s free update comes packing 20 entirely new levels. These include a series of explosive stages set aboard a pirate ship, in which players must dodge cannon balls and jump their way through falling rocks, as well as an extra challenging “boss pursuit” chapter, where Rayman is being pursued by a gigantic plant monster. As if that wasn’t enough, two tricky new ‘Land of the Livid Dead’ levels have also been added to the mix.

If you haven’t done so yet, now’s the perfect time to grab 2012’s ‘Apple iPhone Game of the Year’ award winner!

Source: Pocket Gamer