Razer is Working on a Nintendo Switch-like Controller For iPhone

Razer is currently working on a Nintendo Switch-like controller for iPhones, which will support models from iPhone 6 onwards.

The Kishi, as it’s currently named, is a similar design as seen in Razer’s Junglecat controller and those Gamevice controllers. The device connects on either side of your phone and clamps into place.

Razer Kishi Looks Like a Switch Controller

It has a range of buttons that you’d expect to see on any modern gaming controller. That includes A, B, Y, and X, home, dpad, bumpers, triggers, and L3 and R3.

That’s right – it supports clickable joysticks, which are currently only available on DualShock 4 or Xbox One controllers on iOS.

We’re not sure when the Razer Kishi will make an appearance, but we’d hope later this year. In the meantime, stay tuned to Razer’s Twitter page for further updates.