‘Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville’ Shuffles past Its Kickstarter Funding Goal


Sarah Northway – the Panamanian designer of games such as: Rebuild and Rebuild 2 – has been doing what any other maker of a smash hit series would be: tackling a sequel even better than its predecessors. So far she has spent more time working on Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville, which is currently only about halfway complete, than was expended on the previous two entries combined. It can be hard for an indie developer to work on such a massive project since staying alive – despite its high cost – is something most people tend to be addicted to, and thus she recently launched a Kickstarter to help her push the project past the finish line.

6913bc25023a2a92ab9841648f50562a_largeReturning will be the same scavenging – defending – and base fortifying turn based tactical gameplay that made the first two titles in the series such smash hits, but now with rival survivor gangs to also deal with. Each of the NPCs will now have their own unique personalities and storylines, so as to further add tension to the decisions you make by forcing players to think that much harder before they send their favorite survivor off on a potentially dangerous mission. Speaking of storylines, the plot of Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville will be massively expanded – compared to previous outings – with branching choices containing more than an entire novel’s worth of text.

As standing proof of how much people appreciated the previous two entries in Sarah Northway’s zombie apocalypse survival series, the Kickstarter has already raised its $25,000 goal with more than half the funding period remaining. So now’s the time to knockdown the list of stretch goals to ensure that Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville is the best that it can be, such as extra rival gangs at $35k – including a 1337 group of hackers dedicated to restoring the internet – and even a voice-acted narrator at $45k. Furthermore, backing for a mere $15 (CAD) will ensure that you get to test early versions of the title – letting your feedback have a profound impact on the final product – and even receive recognition in the game’s credits.

Anyways – thanks to everyone’s generosity so far – Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville, unless the zombie apocalypse wipes out all civilization as we know it, is currently set to launch sometime in early 2014.