Reckless Racing Review


We first heard tell of Reckless Racing (out now, $2.99), then hilariously titled Deliverace, a good ways back in March. The game instantly grabbed iPhone gamers’ attention thanks to its gorgeous graphics, an old school arcade-y perspective, and the promise of plenty of rubber burning action set deep down South.

And gosh darn it if Pixelbite Games haven’t come good on the potential for over-the-top fun inherent in the title’s hillbillies race the heck outta hot rods premise, delivering an enjoyable, if a tad limited, dirt-road racer.

Banjo music (natch) jangles in the background as you choose your protagonist from the game’s array of slack-jawed yokels. Having made your selection, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal across a series of twisty turny tracks that take in a rundown junkyard, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em rust-belt towns, rain-splattered mountaintops and more.

A tutorial eases us into things, allowing one ample opportunity to get to grips with the game’s plethora of control set-ups and the different types of vehicles on offer. Once you’ve settled on a steering method you’re comfortable with (personally, I found the default set-up to work best), its on to the main event, the dirt rally.

Redefining eye-popping, Reckless Racing really is a sight to behold when in motion – the zoomed-out, top-down perspective giving players a breathtaking view of the painstakingly detailed environments. As you power-slide around bends, shunting rivals off the road, tracks get all tore up, with tires leaving skid marks on the asphalt and in the dirt, traffic cones and road signs being sent flying, and mud spraying everywhere. Not that you’ll have much opportunity to take it in given the frantic pace of races, the track-side scenery is also utterly gorgeous, the camera swooping overhead to capture realistically rendered townscapes, babbling rivers, and lush forestry.

While Reckless Racing plays incredibly well and is indisputably a sight for sore eyes, unfortunately it’s not all good news. With only 5 tracks to play through, there’s no two ways about it, the main game is disappointingly short. Sure, you can always attempt to beat your best time in “Hot Lap Mode”, or try your hand at “Delivery”, which sees you couriering boxes around environments against the clock, but there’s no denying the fact that the core game comes to end all to soon.

In an effort to increase longevity and replayability, Reckless Racing boasts a fun online option, which will undoubtedly be one of game’s main selling points for a lot of gamers. All things considered, I’ve got no real qualms about wholeheartedly recommending Reckless Racing. Granted, you might speed through the main campaign, but you’ll have a rip-roaring good time getting there. YeeHaw!

iFanzine Verdict: Reckless Racing sure is mighty purty lookin’ and its turbo-charged, top-down thrills and spills slicker than a harpooned hippo on a banana tree, however a disappointing lack of content means you’re left wanting for more. Not the classic it could have been, but still gudnuf y’all.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]