Ultra-Stylish Card-Fighting RPG ‘Reclaim the Darkness’ Funding Now on Kickstarter


Long ago, in the Dark Realms, the people seemed to be starving because — to put it bluntly — food doesn’t exactly grow very well in a world perpetually devoid of any sunlight. That was until the Night family came along and invented the Tomato, a food that — thanks to its apparent ability to grow without any sunlight — managed to save the Dark Realms from starvation. Since then the Night family has enjoyed a state of de facto leadership of the dark realms, or at least that was true until the most recent member of the dark family was born: Lilith Night.

b312f172933ba84a2c9bd5d7fb0f0169_largeIt seems that Lilith Night — the young vampiress protagonist — has been abusing her ability to issue mandates, and as a result has made the Night family extremely unpopular with both the masses and the Dark Realms’ other lords. Fearing that the other lords of the Dark Realms could start a war if they decided that the Night family wasn’t needed anymore, Maggie Knowledge — Lilith’s tutor — urges her to gain the other Lords’ respect. Thusly Lilith Night — with the help of her tutor — stepped out to gain the respect of the Dark Realms’ other six lords: Lord Horror, Lord Silent, Lord Past, Lord Anger, Lord Void, and Lord End.

So goes the story set up to Reclaim the Darkness, an iOS/Android card-fighting RPG being designed by Cheng Madness and Phoenix You (Taiwanese developers and major game enthusiasts). In order to finish their project without forsaking important things — such as eating, or electricity — the duo have turned towards Kickstarter in order to raise $4,000 in capital, of which over $2.6k has been raised so far. There’s also stretch goals beyond that include a soundtrack with lyrics, voice-overs for the characters, expanded battle animations, an online players-vs.-player combat mode, and much more.

Although the main game will be offered for free, and thus there is no backer tier that includes a copy of Reclaim the Darkness, there are numerous other rewards for those who help the project become a reality. These rewards include things such as: your name in the game’s credits, a Reclaim the Darkness art book, beta tester access, free access to IAP locked content in the final game, a chance to help design new characters, and much more. Those interested in helping Lilith prevent the Dark Realms from entering into an new era of bloodshed should remember that Reclaim the Darkness’ Kickstarter will end on February 6th.