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Red Elixir Type Soul Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Unsure if this red potion is safe to drink and wondering what the side effects will be? My Red Elixir Type Soul Guide tells you what this rebranded item is, what it does, how to get it and the item’s stats.

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Red Elixir Type Soul Guide

The Red Elixir isn’t a new item to Type Soul. Veteran players will soon realise its properties mimic another item with no changes apart from name and appearance. The Red Elixir is a rebranded Red Pill, offering the same benefits as it always has, just with a facelift.

Red Elixirs increase your stat allowance by 5 Skill Points per singular use to use inside your Skill Tree as you see fit. Plus, if you’re a Vastocar player you can enjoy double the benefits with 10 Skill Points per use! Nifty.

Skill Trees typically require 25 Points for completion, so the Red Elixir is a massive boost for its useability. With a singular dosage of the Red Elixir, you can complete 20% of a Skill Tree!

How To Get Red Elixir

Thankfully, the Red Elixir also shares an obtainment method with Red Pills. This item is obtained via the Karakura Town Shop for 8k Kan. The KT Shop is only available after successful Raids, and stock varies so you may need to complete a few Raids before the Red Elixir is stocked. After completing a Raid, the store remains spawned in for 30 minutes before disappearing until the next successful Raid.

Why The Rebrand?

Whilst this hasn’t been discussed, it’s assumed the Pills are slowly rebranding to Elixirs for aesthetic purposes. I agree that Elixirs better match the Bleach vibe. Plus, encouraging kids to pop pills for points isn’t the brightest move, so this may also have something to do with the Elixir rebrand.