Retro Adventure Cursed Castilla Has Been Revived on iOS

The critically acclaimed retro adventure Cursed Castilla has been revived on iOS, and is out right now.

You play as Don Ramiro, a knight who’s on a quest to banish evil invading his home kingdom of Tolomera. The King Alphonse VI himself has appointed you.

Cursed Castilla is a Critically Acclaimed Console Adventure That You Can Play All Over Again

And it’s a good thing too, as a nasty demon has recently opened a portal to hell. All sorts of nasties will undoubtedly come crawling out of it.

The enemies you face are inspired by European folklore and you’ll defeat them using a wide range of enemies.

It features MFi controller support, landscape or portrait options, eight stages to battle through, and four different endings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, or you simply want to reminisce on better times, go ahead and grab Cursed Castilla right now from the App Store.