Retro Drive is a Neon-Hued Arcade Driving Game That’s Out Now for iPad and iPhone

Thursday is when new games usually land on the App Store and today is no different. One of the most interesting we’ve spotted is Retro Drive. It’s a game all about racing down neon highways, collecting points and generally being cool.

There’s a lovely 80s aesthetic to the game, and it runs through everything from the tracks you’re driving to the silly story that bookends your races. There’s more than a shade of OutRun here, but wrapped up in a Tron-style package.

The controls are pretty simple. You tap on the left or right of the screen to steer and the game takes care of your acceleration. Push down on your car and you’ll use a turbo boost. You can brake and reverse by tapping along the bottom of the screen.

The driving here isn’t frantic, and it owes a little more to an endless runner than a true racer. But, and this is a big but, it is a lot of fun. The game might have a few rough edges, but it’s also really entertaining. Honestly, try playing without a big smile on your face.

On top of all the glowing graphics and simple fun, there’s an amazing soundtrack here too.

While Forza Street might be the big racing release of this week on mobile, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Retro Drive a try. We reckon that you’re going to be pretty pleased if you do.

You can click here to download Retro Drive for iPhone and iPad right now. Already played the game? Think you’ve got an opinion about it that other people just need to hear? Then make sure you stick that opinion in the comments section at the bottom of the article.