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Reverse 1999 Pneuma Analysis

What is Reverse 1999 Pneuma Analysis? This post has all you need to know about Reverse 1999 Pneuma Analysis including what it is and how to use it.

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based gacha game that features RPG elements as well as tactical combat. Embark on a brand-new adventure as you reside in a a world where arcanists and humans live together. You play as the “Timekeeper”, a being who can travel back in time. You’ve been tasked to destroy Manus Vindictae’s plot and to discover the trust of 1999.

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Reverse 1999 Pneuma Analysis

Lets get into it!

What Is Pneuma Analysis?

Pneuma Analysis is a feature in the game that allows you to obtain The Psychube and other enchanced materials. Psychubes and Pneuma Analysis go hand-in-hand, and are both extremely important in Reverse 1999 if you want to progress quickly and build up a strong team.

What Are Psychubes?

There are a bunch of different Psychubes in the game – all offering different things. They are there to help your character in battle by making them stronger and giving them different abilities.

You can get Psychubes using the currency obtained by farming the Psychubes and Pneuma Analysis stages upon completing the main story stages 2-10. You can also get Psychubes from the in-game store. If you want spcecific Pyschubes, I recommend shopping for them!

However, we recommend farming the Pneuma Analysis stage daily to get and upgrade Psychubes for free.

How Do You Use Psychubes?

You can use Psychubes in the character selection and team building screen. They will also show up below your characters in battle, and you can drag and drop them between units to change Psychubes.

You can also engrave Physchubes, which will raise their overall stats. You can also amplify then in levels 1-5 by using their duplicates to ublock passive effects. The downside to this is you can only amplify Psychibes with are 5 or 6 star.

If you want to engrave one, go to the Warehouse. Then, go to the Psychube tab and choose the one you want to upgrade. Click the Engrave button.