Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 update

Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 Update Drops Tomorrow!

Well, we already gave you a heads-up a couple of weeks ago when the announcement hit. However, since D-day is tomorrow, here we are with some special details and scoops on the Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 update. Keep reading to know more!

Journey to Mor Pankh

Jumping straight into the details, the three new characters are Kaalaa Bauna, Shamane and Kanjira. Kaalaa Bauna or Black Dwarf is a 6-star character of the Mineral afflatus. Shamane is also a 6-star character of the Beast afflatus, while Kanjira is a 5-star character of the Plant afflatus.

The event story, ‘Journey to Mor Pankh’ will be available from January 18 to February 26, taking you to India. If you’re up for a tougher challenge, unlock the hard mode from January 25 to February 26 by finishing the main story chapter, ‘In Our Time.’

Completing tasks during the event can score you Clear Drops and the event-themed item, Eternal Astrolabe. They’re also handing out 14 Unilogs for free to Timekeepers through mere check-in events. And if you’ve wrapped up the first chapter, you’ll find 500 Clear Drops in your in-game mailbox for free! Why don’t you catch a glimpse of the trailer below?

A Lot Is Going Down!

Various side events like Vedic Astrology and Between Dust and Stars will be going down with the launch of the Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 update. The Roar Jukebox: Caravan Music battle pass is up for grabs from January 18 to February 26. There’s also a new theme pack Dipa Festival in the Wilderness shop during the event period.

Also, a seasonal-themed event New UTTU Flash Gathering lets you snag exclusive goodies like Leilani’s Garment, a limited portrait, Crystal Caskets, and more. A new garments series called Visitors to the South drops with outfits like Arcanists Pickles: The Young Dog and Tennant: Roaming in Delhi. Grab them at the Garment shop until February 29, 2024. If you’re feeling fancy, splurge on the Collector’s Edition to unlock Matilda’s limited garment: The Genius’s Holiday.

Lastly, there’s a new banner Back to Where Snow Thaws featuring Shamane with boosted drop rates. Catch this on the Permanent Character Banner after the version 1.6 update. If you don’t have the game on your phone, head to the App Store and give it a try.

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