Featured Image for Reverse: 1999. It features Pickles, the border collie sitting on a blue pillow and pondering about philosophy.

Say Hi To Your New Pup Pickles In Reverse: 1999, The Time-Travel RPG!

A new character is making an entry into the game. What if I say that the character is adorable? And, playful? And, fluffy? That surely piques your interest, doesn’t it? Reverse: 1999, the time-travel RPG has introduced new characters, challenges and more in its recent update.

Patted Pickles Yet?

Pickles, the border collie, is the latest addition we’re talking about. He does way more than just sit or fetch and doesn’t poop, too! A 6-star Mineral character, he can easily switch from a Support to an Attacker and help your team with his Ultimate Attack.

The black-and-white pooch loves pondering about scientific and philosophical mysteries. He is adept in Mental DMG and can be used as a damage dealer, buffer, or even a debuffer. You can summon him with the new rate-up banner, Thus Spoke Pickles, to get a 30% team-wide damage boost.

Wait, There’s More!

You can grab two new 5-star characters, Diggers and Babyblue through Pickles’ banner or the Great Thief Melania’s banner. Diggers is a 5-star Plant Debuffer while Baby Blue is a debuffer Support. And, don’t miss out on The Puppu & The Hippie and Pickles’ Free Translation! During these events, you’ll get to explore Pickles’ adventures.

The UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory is a new challenge where you have to collect FAME Cards and complete reading tasks. Ace it and score cool goodies like the Carnival on the Pitch outfit and disco ball sidekick APPLe. So, go ahead and smash those challenges by downloading the game from the App Store!

More About Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is a turn-based gacha RPG by Bluepoch. It’s set in the 20th century with a graphic novelesque setting. The story involves a storm that caused the time to go backwards from the year 1999.

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