the image shows three characters from different factions stood infront of a purple and pink sunset. Each of them is holding a different weapon and the game logo is in different languages at the front of the illustration

Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List – Launch Rankings

After a bonFIRE tier list? Our Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List ranks the units from best to worst so you know who is worth teaming with!

Reversed Front Bonfire lets you pledge an alliance to a real-world location, or become a rebel in this worldwide communist fight! With captivating visuals as well as in-depth strategy and battle mechanics, you carry the weight of a century-long march for freedom on your shoulders!

Check out Reversed Front Bonfire from their Official Website, where you can also download the title. For more tiers check out Echocalypse Tier List and Reroll Guide.

Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List

Our tier lists are subjective. So, whilst our input is researched and we try to please the masses, you still may not agree with our rankings. Either way, we hope this tier list was helpful, if you have your own input for the rankings feel free to let us know in the comments!


The BEST units. These guys are OP and will carry you at the forefront of the battle.

  • Watan
  • Xintian
  • Bo Yong


Great alternative characters if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier. These units are still strong, but they’re just shy of being the best.

  • Henry
  • Viya
  • Ivan Choi
  • Khulan
  • Baatar
  • Senko
  • Silvia


Average units with a few niche uses. These are ideal if you’re an early-game player since they’re better than scraps, but try and aim for the higher tiers ASAP!

  • Lok
  • Tsering Lhamo
  • Famkiong
  • Zhao Tong
  • Hairanju
  • Kueian
  • Aezan
  • Erkin


Onto the weaker tiers, these guys aren’t all too performative but do offer a few random uses in a pinch. They’re fairly weak and not ideal for the team.

  • Iskender
  • Dilyara
  • Tapioca
  • Puteri Tan
  • Moon Moon


You may as well surrender.

  • There is no one here! At least none of the units are the worst.