Revived Witch Guide: Beginner’s Tips, Tricks, and Early Progression

Revived Witch is a massively popular adventure role-playing game (ARPG) available for Android and iOS. The game assigns you a role of a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and roams across various places to fulfill her destiny. During your journey, you’ll meet and collaborate with a bunch of allies to combat some of the powerful enemies out in the world.

When you first embark on the journey in Revived Witch, you’re more likely to have a hard time understanding the game’s basic mechanics and exploration. Moreover, the vast collection of characters and handful of features may leave you in a frenzy. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with an essential Revived Witch guide that contains some of the essential tips and tricks to get started quickly.

Form the Strongest Team

Choose the strongest Revived Witch characters in the beginning
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When you first get into Revived Witch, the game offers 10 complimentary re-rolls, which lets you summon 100 units. As with other RPG titles, you can re-roll again and again until you get a powerful character called Dolls for your lineup. So it’s better to start your witch’s journey with a solid lineup to combat the toughest enemies.

When you re-roll as a beginner, you’ll easily be able to get Afallen, Eddine, Amorai, or Ella on your team, who are considered as S Tier characters in the game. If you manage to pull any of them, you’re all set to form a robust team. Your Revived Witch crew will consist of 3 main team units, each of which will take up a certain role during the battle.

Understanding the Dolls

How characters work in Revived Witch
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As we’ve mentioned earlier, Revived Witch has a huge collection of characters called Dolls. These are divided into seven different categories – Guardians, Destroyers, Assassins, Mages, Healers, Compellers, and Witch.

Each character boasts a unique skill set and abilities that you can strategically use on the battlefield to your advantage. Therefore, learning about their skills is relatively important to be a master in the Revived Witch.

Carefully use the Stamina

Stamina System
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Stamina is arguably one of the essential resources in Revived Witch. For instance, you will need Stamina while completing the story mode levels or Dreamworld stages of Revived Witch.

Apart from this, it’s used for a bunch of other purposes in the game, which is why we highly recommend carefully using it, as you will require Souls to refill the Stamina bar. Luckily, there are several ways to get free Stamina in the game, such as completing daily missions, working through achievements, or automatic refill.

Keep an eye on the minimap

minimap screenshot
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Minimap plays a vital role in RPGs like Revived Witch, and you should constantly be tracking it down. The reason behind it is that minimaps convey substantial information to you. For example, it tells you about the number of chests on a certain floor. On top of that, minimap keeps track of almost all the resources that you will essential require to fulfill your destiny.

Leveling up Characters

How to level up characters
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In Revived Witch, you will have to manually level up your dolls to survive against the toughest enemies. To upgrade dolls in Revived Witch, you will need the in-game currency called Mana. It’s one of the primary resources you’ll need to upgrade characters, skills, or equipment.

Earning Mana in Revived Witch is fairly easy, and you can obtain it by playing the game’s story mode. Another way to farm Mana is by completing dungeons in the game. So if you’re primary goal is to upgrade your characters fast, you’ll need a ton of Mana.