Rickle Is a Casual Tower-Building Game with an Environmental Mission

From Tetris to Tower Bloxx, stacking shapes on top of each other has been the basis for some of the most enjoyable and addictive video games ever made. 

Rickle is the latest title to join this vaulting tower of stack-based casual experiences. More tranquil than most, it sees you building piles of stone discs against a variety of simple, slick, beautifully rendered backgrounds. 

Plus, it sees you making the world a better place. A portion of Rickle’s revenues are donated to three major environmental charities, allowing you to have fun and be good all at once.

The gameplay is simple and intuitive. Your stack of flat rocks sits in the middle of the screen, and new rocks keep floating in from the left and right. To place a rock on top of your stack, you need to tap the screen at exactly the right moment. 

Too early or too late and you’ll be left with an overhanging section of rock. This gets cleaved off the main tower, leaving you with a smaller target for your next rock, and so on until the top of your tower is so miniscule that you can’t possibly land another rock on it. Game over.

Fortunately, Rickle keeps track of your cumulative total and unlocks new worlds whenever you reach the required number of points. You’ve got a personal record to try and topple, too, as well as three power-ups that you can use at any point during a round. 

Future updates to add to the game’s ten locations are also planned, with easter eggs also being thrown into the mix for good measure at some point.

Rickle is a laid back, gently addictive game – and you can grab it right now on Google Play and the App Store.