Risk of Roadblocks official artwork.

Risk of Roadblocks Enchantments List

Looking for a complete list of Risk of Roadblocks enchantments? Well, we can certainly help with that. In this guide, we list all of the Risk of Roadblocks enchantments that you can unlock in the game. What’s more, we’ll tell you exactly how they work. That way, you can use the enchantment you want and ignore the rest.

Risk of Roadblocks is a Roblox RPG that challenges you to battle off enemy players in a battle arena. There are a ton of weapons and moves to unlock, which will help you perform better in combat.

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Risk of Roadblocks Enchantments List

Now, let’s take a look at those Risk of Roadblocks enchantments.


This rare enchantment heals you for a percentage of damage dealt when you hit an opponent.


A common enchantment that inflicts the slow debuff when hitting opponents.


Like to inflict bleed on your enemies? You need this rare enchantment.


This legendary enchantment – one of the best in the game – provides you with new attack moves that deal additional damage.


An uncommon enchantment that can inflict blindness when used.


Your next attack has a chance to hit when you use this rare enchantment.


A common enchantment that inflicts poison on your opponents.


This DoT enchantment will set your enemies on fire!


Stun enemies when you attack them with this rare enchantment.


Each time you hit an opponent, gain a speed boost. A handy uncommon enchantment.


Deal additional damage over time when you use this rare enchantment.