Roar Rampage Review

Roar Rampage (out now, $0.99) is a retro smash-everything-into-oblivion game where you control a giant dinosaur’s right fist and try to smash everything that comes in your way. It may sound pointless at first but it does get slightly better, just maybe not enough to be worth your dollar.

roar_rampage-s4-iPhone5The whole game is based on the idea that jabbing everything that approaches from the right side of your screen is fun. And it is. Whether it’s a helicopter, tank, or soldiers shooting from buildings, you’ll find yourself engrossed in Roar Rampage the first time you play it. There are tons of power-ups that make the game more exciting whilst also giving you a reason to keep coming back. My personal favorite is the lightning power fist, but there others that cause just as much damage and look just as cool.

If you don’t want to spend your gems on power-ups, you can dress the hell out of your dino. The in-game shop offers a variety of glasses, hats, tattoos, gloves, and costumes so you aren’t stuck with the same old green dinosaur all the time. The only problem I have with the shop is the cost of all the items. The power-ups are reasonably priced but the clothes are way too expensive. It makes them a feature that only users who complete the game can access — they only need to collect gems. There is the option of buying more gems via in-app purchases of course, but I doubt anybody in their right mind would spend real dosh on clothing a virtual dinosaur.

roarrampageIf you don’t want to spend your gems at all because you like watching the counter increase or for some other strange reason, there are several in-game weapons you can pick up. Rip out streetlights, pick up trains, or grab a giant spinal cord and you have yourself a seriously cool-looking game. These cause more destruction than your regular dino fist wrapped in a boxing glove, so there is actual reason to pick up any of these things.

The major downfall of Roar Rampage is its repetitiveness. Sure, the scenery changes and you can modify your dinosaur, but all-in-all it’s just the same thing every level. Drag a fist towards everything and watch stuff blow up. (Okay, it sounds cool but I got really bored after a few goes).

If it’s not the senseless bashing that keeps you playing, it’s definitely the music. It’s very retro, upbeat, and most importantly — continuous. You don’t notice it at first but it does start to grow on you. The physics of the arm and fist of the dino are admirable. It works just as you would expect.

iFanzine Verdict: For lack of a better comparison, Roar Rampage is like watching a cool action movie over and over again. It has a cool soundtrack and has tons of modifications to offer (half of which is basically unavailable), but the core gameplay doesn’t vary enough for me to keep playing after a few days.