the image shows my avatar who is a water bender firing off a water projectile infront of her despite no enemy in sight (show off) you can see she is in the city with a long bridge in the distance

RoBending Element Tier List – Which Element Should You Pick?

Tricker than rock, paper, scissors is elemental battles, which is why you’ll need our RoBending Element Tier List. Our tier list ranks all the elements and their known advantages currently in the game so you have an idea of which element you’d like to choose when entering the game.

RoBending Online is an Avatar The Last Airbender-inspired title within Roblox. Choose which faction from the elements, or be a non-bender, and head into the open world map akin to the city featured in Legend of Korra. Complete quests to gain experience and strength and take to immersive battles using your learned strengths.

Check out Robending Online over on Roblox. For more Roblox tiers check out our Anime Dungeon Fighters Tier List.

RoBending Element Tier List

Remember that tier lists are subjective. Whilst we have researched the game to come up with the most favoured opinion, you still may not agree, which is fine! Our tiers update frequently anyway with the freshest opinion to be sure to bookmark and check back soon.


OP Elements. These benders are the goats and make for fierce foes and amazing allies.

  • Earth – A brutal element that’s both hardy and strong. Earth benders are natural tanks that deal heavy DMG in combat and don’t fall easily.
  • Water – Flush out the competition with water bending! If you can roll for the Blood Bending secondary class this technique is terrifying to fight against and extremely powerful!


Strong, just not the best. These elements can hold their own in a fight so don’t let the fact they’re not S-Tier distract you!

  • Fire – Whilst versatile, this element is hard to control and can be countered by the other elements in different ways.
  • Air – This element favours peace over power so mostly shines with evading and diverting tactics. That said, Air benders can still hold their own in combat so don’t underestimate them!


Average but overall decent. These elements are just, fine. A few niche uses but nothing elite.

  • Non-bender – Currently this approach suffers a disadvantage given users don’t have any elemental ability. There is a strength buff but we think playing as a non-bender is like playing on hardmode.


Onto the weaker tiers, these elements are typically at a disadvantage and we don’t recommend hosting them as your base element.

  • There is nothing here!


Avoid at all costs!

  • There is nothing here! We don’t believe any of the elements (or non-bending) route is so dreadful that it needs avoiding.