The image shows the Bumi NPC stood before a big pillar during daytime with a blue cloudy sky. He is stood inside a park with trees and greenery surrounding.

RoBending Online Best Element Guide

Unless you’re willing to fork out Robux to reset your chosen element you’ll be stuck with the lineage you committed to on launch. So, why strive for anything less than the best? This RoBending Online Best Element guide tells you our pick for the best nation to serve under, and why!

RoBending Online takes inspiration from Avatar The Last Airbender but on Roblox. Choose which faction from the elements, or be a non-bender, and head into the open world map akin to the city featured in Legend of Korra. Complete quests to gain experience and strength and take to immersive battles using your learned strengths.

Check out Robending Online over on Roblox. For more RoBending content check out our RoBending Element Tier List.

RoBending Online Best Element

The current dominating element to utilize in RoBending Online is Earth. We know this is a subjective matter of taste and playstyle, but hear us out. The Earth Nation hosts double the amount of Sub-bending elemental possibilities, offering 4 possible secondary classes as opposed to 2 like the other elements.

Sub-bending is a roll chance for a secondary class to add to your combat roster. The catch is that whilst rolling, there is a chance to get no secondary class. Because Earth offers 4 classes instead of 2 you have double the chances to boost your strength.

As a base Element without Sub-bending, Earth is still a formidable Nation. The base moves include a range of attacks utilizing close-range, AoE, knockback and defence. It even has a fast-travel option where the user can glide on a rock to move around an area quickly and slam into opponents.

Because of the Nation’s versatility, we think this makes it the best Element for your adventure. Even after hearing us out, you may still disagree and that is entirely OK!