Featured Image for our news in Roblox Adidas. It features a Roblox character wearing an orange Adidas sweatshirt, a grey Adidas cap and an orange Adidas backpack.

The Three Stripes Are Here! Picked Your Roblox Adidas Yet?

Did you hear? You can now buy those Adidas hoodies you’ve been eyeing since last December in the Roblox metaverse! There’s a fresh collection of Roblox Adidas UGC outfits on the Marketplace, with more items to snag throughout December.

Which Adidas Fits Are We Talking About?

Now, you can dress up your Roblox avatar in some snazzy Adidas outfit from a range of user-generated outfits on the Roblox Marketplace. So, get that Firebird tracksuit and other iconic Adidas stuff.

There will be Roblox pop-up stores featuring Adidas signatures, and the limited edition by top Roblox creator Rush Bogin (Rush X). The Adidas x Rush X collection includes the Trefoil Crown with Halo, Oversized Trefoil Cross-Body Bag, Black Hair with Beanie Headphones and more.

Wait, this team-up isn’t just about dripping with slick outfits! Popular Roblox titles like Theme Park HeideLand, Seaboard City, and Noob Train feature Adidas pop-up stores. So, get the Roblox app from the App Store and explore the new catalogue on the Roblox Marketplace throughout December.

Be Fashion Forward

The Roblox Adidas collaboration outfits are available for free for the first 10,000 units but are limited to one item per player. Post that, the prices will range from 85-500 Robux. There’s plenty of Adidas merch available for less than 100 Robux, including hoodies, tracksuit pants, and beanies.

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can play games designed by other users and create and share your own games. Currently, it’s hosting the first-ever virtual concert featuring Polar, the virtual pop sensation. It’s a week-long gig starting from December 12 with many mini activities. So, don those cool Adidas sneakers, grab your free tickets and enjoy the concert!

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