the image shows the blox fruit title card with the logo in the bottom right with a massive red rejected stamp over the face of the game

Professional Games Journalist Gives 5 Roblox One Piece Games Better Than Blox Fruits!

Yes, the title is purposely controversial. These are my picks for 5 Roblox One Piece Games Better Than Blox Fruits. I get to sample a LOT of different fan-made One Piece games for this job role, and the one thing that has consistently stumped me is how Blox Fruit remains on top in terms of active player count.

Was Blox Fruits just the first of its kind which created the domino effect for the lesser titles to enter the platform? Or is it a good game and I just don’t see the appeal? Either way, I have my own opinions on which lesser-known One Piece games are actually good.

As both a huge fan of One Piece and Roblox, I reckon my opinion on this pressing matter is pretty important. I’m just kidding, there are better things I could be using my time for. But I’m being encouraged to waffle about Zoro… I mean, One Piece Roblox fan games. So, let’s get into my Roblox One Piece Games Better Than Blox Fruits!

5 Roblox One Piece Games Better Than Blox Fruits!

It wouldn’t be fair to not comment on Blox Fruits at the least. Or, at least justify why this piece was created in slander of it. I’m sure Blox Fruit’s cult following is justified, but after squashing bandits and traversing to the next island, I had to step away. The interface of this game is just so unsteady. I’ve tried both Mobile and PC, but the slight overlap of widgets and buttons makes me irate and I couldn’t go on.

All things considered though, we still cover Blox Fruit and can appreicate its playerbase for helping us continue to do what we love… Waffle about games! So, if you are a Blox Fruit player just know we still have something for you here such as our Blox Fruit Sword Tier List!

So, if controls are my main gripe then realistically this feature piece is actually “What One Piece Games I Think Have Nicer Controls Than Blox Fruits”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware Blox Fruits is irreplaceable on the platform, but if I can encourage you to try something new and lesser known I definitely will! So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Haze Piece

the image shows my avatar who is the demon face stoof in the loading lobby of haze piece with her katana on hand

You may have heard of Haze Piece already. It’s a game I got familiar with some time ago thanks to the art of guide making and sampling. Following the same formula as Blox Fruits, this game is an open-world combat RPG. Become a pirate or marine (who even picks marine?), and island hop to uncover new foes, bosses, loot, sea kings, quests, everything!

If you’re burnt out from the Blox Fruits grind or wondering why you’re even here entertaining this post, at least give Haze Piece a go. It’s genuinely such a good One Piece fan entry and worth a sample at the least. Plus, most importantly, the controls are great! This game is easy to grasp from the get-go and runs incredibly smooth.

A 0ne Piece Game

the image shows the game at nighttime with massive hills and buildings with varied coloured lights on

Very cleverly titled to avoid copyright, A 0ne Piece Game is another Blox Fruit mimic that aims to stomp the competition by being more, except, it didn’t. This game enjoys a sizeable player count averaging a few thousand but has never had a breakneck climb.

Does this game fix the issue I have with Blox Fruits? YES! Not only are the controls easy to manage and navigate, but the open world is extremely fun to explore and nicely designed. Similar commentary to my Haze Piece entry, this game is an anime mimic which aims to transport you into the One Piece universe, letting you run rampant as a pirate building your Berri Bounty, fighting, looting, and the lot.

Grand Piece Online

The image shows a nighttime shot of the GPO moon with lanterns around buildings giving off a faint golden glow on the brickwork of the homes

Commonly known as GPO, this is another open-world combat RPG putting you at the forefront of your own story. Hunt pirates, or be one, scavenge distant islands for devil fruits, and battle vicious monsters and other players. Do you get the gist by now? It’s another true-to-lore game flooded with passion and adoration for the main anime title.

Again, GPO makes the list because it’s worth a try. I like the interface of this One Piece game and the world design is very clean! GPO also has more gamemodes than the standard making it entirely unique. There is the main game, sure, but you can also enjoy Dungeons, Arenas, Trading Hubs, and Battle Royales!

This is also the final title on this list which has a similar gameplay feel to Blox Fruits, so if you’re after something new entirely then the final two selections will hopefully be of interest!

Fruit Battlegrounds

the image shows the spin chest for fruit with shanks sat on the barstool in the background drinking. The key is about to unlock the chest and show what fruit the user has won

A free-for-all-all battle royale! You spin for fruits hoping for something other than the common Chop Chop fruit (Sorry Buggy), and battle in real-time matches against other players. Despite the simplicity of Fruit Battlegrounds, its PvP carnage and fun devil fruit animations make it a pretty decent entry into the One Piece fan game verse.

Being a PvP-centric game, Fruit Battlegrounds must have nice movements, battle animations and controls which, I think this game ticks all the boxes for! This game can’t replace Blox Fruits though on the basis that the genre of the game is entirely different, but it makes the list because this game fixes the main issue I have with Blox Fruits – the controls!

One Fruit Simulator

image shows my avatar throwing a smoke punch in the general direction of enemies

OK, I’m bold for putting a simulator game on here, but I’m a fan of sims so what can I say? In One Fruit Simulator, you still do quests, travel, gain fruit, battle, you know the works. Except, it is a simulator so every click increases your strength and the game follows a more linear path of progression rather than being an open-world experience. Don’t knock it til’ you try it!

Similar to Fruit Battlegrounds, this game doesn’t share a genre with Blox Fruits, BUT it IS a One Piece game, and it fixes the issue of the controls I have with Blox Fruits. In fairness to Blox Fruits though, It has a much better world design than One Fruit Simulator, which is why this game is fifth and final in my ranks.