Updated: ROBOT 99 Review & Giveaway


Having previously launched an iPad only version of ROBOT 99 to widespread acclaim, über-talented Taiwanese illustrator/award-winning web designer/first time iOS game developer Fu is back with a brand spanking new universal binery (out now, $1.99). And while, when played on a smaller screen, the multi-touch powered party aspect of this title does not really compute; overall, it remains a visually stunning and thoroughly addictive little time waster.

Delightfully intuitive game mechanics gel well with Fu’s minimalist, yet vividly playful art style. Here’s the deal, for some reason or another Futurama-esque robots are falling from the sky and, wouldn’t you just know it, it’s up to you to rescue as many as possible by popping their parachutes before they hit the ground and get smashed to scrap metal. Tapping a robot opens his chute and a swift double-tap earns you extra points and power-ups.

Now, this isn’t that tricky a task to begin with, but, trust me, as the game quickly picks up pace, trying to save each and every skydiver while at the same time skillfully avoiding mid-air collisions between ‘bots becomes increasingly more challenging! As such, tactical use of a grayed out area at the top of screen termed ‘POWERZONIA’ – which aids you in launching robots off the screen more speedily – is a must if you want to unlock all 6 beautifully rendered 2D environments and 99 inspired robot designs.

While you could hardly describe ROBOT 99’s gameplay as being deep, like the very best casual titles, it’s an easy game to pick up and a damn near impossible one to put down again. Let’s just hope the multifarious Fu hasn’t had his fill of iOS, because, if you ask me, pretty much every one of his outlandish illustrations is crying out to be transformed into an interactive mini-masterpiece a la ROBOT 99! Recommended? AFFIRMATIVE.

iFanzine Verdict: Perfectly simple, simply perfect fun for iGamers of all ages. While ROBOT 99’s eyeball achingly gorgeous visuals may be the draw, it’s the game’s beat-your-best-score appeal that will have you tapping the retry button time and time again.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Update: Our friends at Fu Design have just let us know they would love to give ten iFanzine readers the chance to try ROBOT 99 for free! To be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous little game, simply:

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