‘Rocket Ranger: Reloaded’ and ‘Thimbleweed Park’ Confirmed for iOS Thanks to Kickstarter


Rocket Ranger: Reloaded

When Cinemaware sent out a plea to donors everywhere to help ensure that the Rocket Ranger could save the future from an alternate reality where Nazis controlled everything, via Lunarium powered wonder machines, the Kickstarter community didn’t fail them. With a grand total of $90,715 secured the future was safe, and yet it seemed like a Nazi holocaust was the only inevitable fate for iOS users everywhere as the mobile stretch goal had not been achieved! However — dear mobile users — fear not, for Cinemaware has decided that they will be bringing their new Rocket Ranger: Reloaded to this iOS all the same, and those whom wish to preorder the mobile edition can now do so via PayPal.

If you’re still undecided as to whether or not you should take the plunge and become a late backer of Rocket Ranger: Reloaded, you can now try out the free early-alpha PC Demo available on the project’s Kickstarter page.

8-Bit-Ron1Thimbleweed Park

If you ever pirated a Ron Gilbert game then I hope you acted while Thimbleweed Park’s Kickstarter was still active, as your only chance ever to earn Ron Gilbert’s absolution is now forever gone (you’re just going to have to take that shame with you to your grave). Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s plan to make a genuine true-to-form old school Graphic Adventure game managed to secure a whopping $626,250 in funding, which is especially good for those whom were hoping to experience it as a “Jab & Smoosh” iOS experience. Those whom haven’t been actively keeping tabs might not realize just how close we came to having no iOS version at all, as the Mobile stretch goal — by backer demand — got swapped with the Voice Acting goal (putting the Mobile goal at $625k instead of $525k).

Currently the demented duo have set June 2016 as the expected arrival date for the majesty that is known only as Thimbleweed Park, afterwards we may all finally discover important lessons such as what does happen when you “use balloon animal with corpse”.