Rockstar’s Appstore Debut

Rockstar (they of Grand Theft Auto fame) have just released the Timbaland endorsed music making app, Beaterator. The title hit the Appstore with little fanfare and early adopters report it to be an adaquete, albeit slightly watered down, port of the critically lauded PSP version.

Not a game, per se, but rather a “world-class mixer at your fingertips.” The music creating tool is apparently incredibly simple to use, meaning you’ll be cutting tracks like a pro in no time, whilst a cartoony likeness of the attached producer/rapper dances for your pleasure. If this is your kinda bag, baby, it’s available right now for $4.99/ £2.99 etc.

More excitingly this release suggests GTA: Chinatown Wars can’t be far off… (fingers crossed)

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