Rodeo Games’ Smash-hit ‘Hunters 2’ Gets a Price Drop, Now Only 99¢!

Rodeo Games are absolutely delighted with how their awesome turn-based strategy title Hunters 2 has been performing since it hit the App Store back in March — apparently it’s already raked in more profit in its first few months on sale than its predecessor, Hunters: Episode One, managed in an entire year! — and to celebrate they’ve slashed the game’s price-tag from its usual $4.99 to a very attractive 99¢!

We said lots of nice things about Hunters 2 in our glowing review of the game. Here’s a little snippet: “Outshines the first in every way — this is definitely the one you want to start with if you’re a TBS fan and just now learning about the series….when it comes to gameplay and strategic depth Hunters 2 ranks at the top of the genre on iOS.” Phew, praise doesn’t come much higher than that!

Rodeo Games also recently released an infographic showing some really interesting figures from the first month of play. Simply click or tap the image below to enlarge-ify it and find out which country’s population is proportionate to the number of enemies killed in Hunters 2 in March, how many pirated copies of the game there are out in the wild (BOO-HISS!!), and much more.