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New EverMerge-Like Game, Roger That! Is Full Of Pirates And Adventures

Roger That! is the latest fun-filled adventure by Belka Games to drop on iOS. It’s a merging game that features pirates, hot-air balloons, potions, and more! Belka Games are the developers of games like Clockmaker, Bermuda Adventure and Solitaire Cruise. In Roger That, you’ll be following the adventures of Roger and Lotta, hopping from one island to another and merging objects.

Never played a merging puzzle before? OK, here’s what it means. You merge different items to upgrade them into valuable items. Say, you have a supply of knives and swords but not guns. So, you merge a knife and a sword to make a gun.

Islands Full Of Treasures And Pirates

You get a Journal that keeps a check on all your tasks. It also has info about how to and where to find raw materials, so always keep it handy.  You can see different categories of materials in the journal such as Forest Helpers, Vitamin Power, and more.

The Tavern, located in one corner of the island, has all the collected items. So, when you are done merging objects and using resources, head to the Tavern to get some fresh ones! You can also claim treasure chests in the Tavern.

Roger That! involves a lot of tycoon gameplay, so there are a lot of things that need your attention. You can even open a coffee shop and serve pirates your iconic matcha latte! Once you complete the quests, you can unlock new resources and locations.

Oh, and there are long-lost family secrets to be uncovered, too! So, keep on merging those items till you get your hands on all the hidden scoops and treasures. It’s free to play with in-app purchases. So, go and get the game from the App Store.

Try Roger That! it’s fun. Meanwhile, check out our latest news on HoYoverse’s Next RPG Zenless Zone Zero.