‘Rogue Wizards’ Magicks up over $70k on Kickstarter, Set for 2016 Multi-Platform Release


iOS fans of Roguelike games will — starting in 2016 — have yet another title to add to their gaming library, seeing as how Rogue Wizards — by Spellbind Studios — recently passed its $70,000 Kickstarter goal! Furthermore, with a design that has already been praised by veterans such as David Brevik (Diablo, Marvel Heroes) — Mike Booth (Nox, Left 4 Dead) — and Erich Schaefer (Diablo, Torchlight), the game certainly seems promising to boot! Now while a new Roguelike adventure being in the works — that furthermore received a plethora of praise from a variety of industry veterans — is all fine and dandy, the real question of the moment is naturally how it will play.

Rogue Wizards — appropriately enough — casts players in the role of a wizard, whom must now ask themselves if they have the magical skills needed to close the dark portals plaguing their realm. In order to do this they must venture through a vast series of turn-based — procedurally generated — dungeons, wherein they must avoid traps — solve puzzles — and slay an entire horde of abyssal minions. Since every dark portal location in Rogue Wizards is dynamically generated, no two dungeons adventures — even across multiple play throughs — will ever provide players with a repeat experience.

315f3f319ffec8c6e878b6e793e59a1e_largeHowever, there’s still plenty more — beyond merely plumbing through randomized dungeons, and amassing vast stockpiles of loot — for players to do within the world of Rogue Wizards. Players will — each time they return safely from a dungeon — be able to use their spoils to expand their home town, by constructing and upgrading a wide variety of buildings and structures. Here players will be able to build and enchant all new gear if they can’t find what they wanted while looting the corpses of monsters, and — furthermore — expanding your town’s reaches is also the best way to discover entirely new dungeons!

Those interested in having an even greater understanding of how all of this works should check out the project’s Kickstarter page, where the developers have posted a plethora of videos detailing how these various game mechanics will all play out. After watching these videos it will probably cease being a mystery to you as to why so many standing Roguelike veterans are already eagerly anticipating Rogue Wizards’ release. Sadly 2016 is still a fairly long ways off, meaning that everyone will have to find something else to play during their free time until the fight to close all of the dark portals finally arrives.

However — for all of those aspiring mages currently lamenting that they missed Spellbind Studios’ Kickstarter — there’s still a chance to help out with Rogue Wizards all the same, and those interested to learn more should be sure to sign up for the project’s mailing list.