Roguelite FPS Gunfire Reborn Out Now Worldwide on the App Store

If you fancy some lovely low-poly shooting action, wrapped up with co-op play and roguelite and RPG trappings, then today is your luck day? Why? Because Roguelite FPS Gunfire Reborn has just landed on the App Store. That’s why.

The game sees you picking from a diverse bunch of characters, strapping on some weaponry and heading out to blast down waves of enemies. Every run is different, with equippable scrolls changing your skills as you battle it out against your foes.

The game has been tweaked to fit perfectly into pocket-sized gaming sessions, with slick controls and gorgeous graphics that are going to suck you into the experience. Here’s a trailer that shows off some of what you can expect if you decide to give the game a go.

Pew pew. Pew pew indeed. There are big bad bosses to try and take down, and you can team up with friends for co-op play to try and tackle some of the challenges together. It all adds up to a big bundle of destructive joy. Like a toddler with a hammer on a sugar rush.

You can click here to download Gunfire Reborn from the App Store right this second. It’ll set you back $6.99, and that’ll get you most of the game. There are some characters that you’ll need to pay to unlock, though.