Roll Out Trailer & Concept Art Revealed

Unconventional is probably the best way to describe this forthcoming platform/puzzle game from Fishing cactus and Bulkypix. Doing away with traditional controls (or at least as traditional as they get on iPhone), Roll Out instead has you guiding a cute little critter named Wabba through the game’s 50 2D levels by way of a unique new scrolling system which involves dragging buttons around the screen with perfect timing and pin-point accuracy.

Description: One simple goal: touch the screen to scroll the signs and tell Wabba when to speed up or speed down, when to jump and when to stop… Wabba truly depends on your scrolling skills to reach the end of each level!

Features :

  • Unique platform game mechanic specifically designed for the iPhone!
  • 50 levels of crazy scrolling platforming action!
  • Several gameplay elements to spice things up as you progress in the game!
  • Collect trophies and make your way to the highest spots on the leader boards!
  • OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter compatibility!

We’ll have a full review on launch day, in the meantime check out the trailer and prepare to be intrigued!