‘Rōnin’ Receives a Rather Substantial New Update


Bulwark Studios’ popular endless runner Rōnin – which we rather enjoyed and dubbed “uniquely beautiful” when we reviewed it in full on its original release – just benefited from a pretty big update. The highlights of this new version of the game include: a new mission system, new scoring system, more control options, simplified menus and interfaces, Retina-enhanced visuals, and the usual miscellaneous bug fixes.

Here’s the official announcement from Bulwark Studios (it’s been Google translated from French to English, just in case you’re wondering why it’s a tad garbled):

406041_314813791952117_1286448413_nIn a graphical environment and sound always neat, ronin, the samurai stripped of his master, golf travels feudal Japan and stands against the enemies and obstacles he encounters on his way. This second version of the game features a grip easier and makes the game more accessible. Many innovations enrich the game and it brings a new dimension

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