Room 8 Studio’s Award-Winning Game ‘Riot Runners’ Will Hit iOS on February 13th


Fresh from their success at Casual Connect’s 2013 Indie Prize Ceremony where they scooped the “Best Game In Show – Audience Award,” Room 8 Studio have just announced a solid release date for Riot Runners. The game — which has already soft-launched on a number of international App Stores to much acclaim — will be made available worldwide on February 12th, 2014.

As you may have already guessed, Riot Runners is another entry into the increasingly crowded endless running genre. Despite the intense competition on the iOS platform, it’s doubtful that Riot Runners will get lost in the shuffle, since it boasts an eye-catching (mostly) monochromatic artstyle, unique steampunk-inspired aesthetic, and — judging by the trailer — what looks to be incredibly slick gameplay. The press release we received from Room 8 also makes mention of features like customizable robot characters, multiple difficulty levels, daily challenges, and both Game Center and Facebook-powered leaderboards.

Here’s a trailer of the game in action: