Rope and Balls Strategy Guide – Capture the Balls With These Hints and Tips

Rope and Balls is a game about using some rope to guide a tumble of balls into a cup. There are shades of Cut the Rope and other puzzlers here, although it’s a little bit softer around the edges. There’s a decent level of challenge, though, and if you want to succeed there’s a good chance you’re going to need some help.

Which is why we decided to write this guide. We’ve put a good few hours into Rope and Balls and discovered what we think are the best strategies to take your skills to the next level. Follow these suggestions and you’re going to be watching those balls spill into the cup more often than not.

Just picked up Rope and Balls? Already dumped a lot of balls in a lot of cups? Wherever you are with the game, there’s going to be something here that’s going to help you out. These are, after all, the very best hints, tips and cheats for Rope and Balls. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Learn from your mistakes

When you fail a level, take a moment to figure out where things went wrong. Did the balls get stuck? Did they go in the incorrect direction? Did your rope not behave in the way you expected? Once you’ve analysed your mistakes, you’re going to be in the best position to complete the mission the next time round.

Hook the rope

The guys at Ghostwriting Agentur say you need to learn how to hook the rope – not just around the green peg points, but other parts of the level as well. Hooking the rope will make sure it stays stable and doesn’t move when the balls hit it. Look for ways to exploit the structures of the level and you’re going to be on the path to success.

Red means no

When there’s a red shaded area on a level, that means you can’t draw a rope line through it. However, that doesn’t mean the rope can’t pass through it of its own accord. Think of ways around the red areas, and make sure you’re not passing through it when you’re drawing – if you are the rope will turn grey and you’ll almost certainly need to retry the level.

Catch the bombs

The bombs will fall, and if they land on the ground or the balls, they’re going to explode and cause havoc. You need to catch them with the rope, whether that means looping entirely around them to snag on a point on the level, or creating a curve below them to stop their descent. Catch the bombs and don’t let them harm your chances.

Use gravity

Gravity is often your friend. Your rope will fall and flop, and while that can be annoying in certain circumstances, you’re going to have to use it to your advantage pretty often as well. Look for ways you can create loops and curves that slot into place when they fall. And remember the balls can push the rope up as well if they’re moving fast enough.