Rumors Suggest GTA Remasters Headed to Mobile

A report over on Kotaku suggests that three classic Grand Theft Auto games could be in line for modern remasters. The games – GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andres – represent the pinnacle of the PS2 era, and Rockstar could well be giving them a polish for modern platforms.

And platforms don’t get much more modern then iPhones and iPads. They’re like Star Trek communicators but better. Apparently the games are being rebuilt in the Unreal Engine, which works pretty darn well on iOS.

Of course, the games have been available on the App Store in their sort-of-original forms for a while now. If anything that proves that big, 3D action and adventure games can work on touchscreen. Y’know, if you needed proof.

Like we say, all of this is rumor right now, and nothing is confirmed, but we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing new versions of some of the best games on any platform coming to mobile. And we’re sure you agree. Like 90% sure.

We will, of course, keep you updated as / when / if we hear anything more about the GTA remasters. Maybe we’ll get a Max Payne remaster as well. Or a Bully one. Or, perhaps more importantly, a Rockstar Table Tennis on.