PAN Studio’s Exercise-Themed AR Game ‘Run an Empire’ Nears the Finish Line on Kickstarter


The developers at PAN Studio want to know if you think that you’re ready to Run an Empire, entirely carried out by physically running in the real world in order to maintain your turf! In their planned Augmented Reality mobile gaming app — Run an Empire — you will claim chunks of your home town by physically running, or walking, around the segment’s entire parameter. However, you must remain forever vigilant — and constantly in good shape — as someone else could easily take your kingdom back from you at any moment by doing the exact same thing!

16ec35f0900f854ebbbe8d165d3946a0_largeRun an Empire will be further strategized by permitting players to reinforce their grip on an area by jogging extra laps around the place (which will naturally erode over time), making this game just as much about how you aim to hold a zone as it is about running. To reward those whom command truly massive empires, players of Run An Empire will earn daily digital tributaries from the land regions that they control which will allow them to fully customize their Coat-of-Arms that other players of the app will identify them as. To further ensure that Run An Empire forever remains purely about strategy — and simple physical exercise — the developers have also promised to never sell performance boosting IAPs, and that the only in-app purchases made available will be purely cosmetic options.

However, in order to ensure that their studio hits the ground running — horrible pun, I know — the team behind Run An Empire has recently started a Kickstarter seeking £15,000 in development funds. It would seem so far that gamers everywhere have decided to believe in PAN Studio’s athletic plans, as the project has already secured a healthy £12.4k — from over 900 backers — so far! Still, with only eleven days remaining — and £2.5k that still needs to be pledged — many more people are going to have to chip in their lot with PAN Studio if Run an Empire is ever going to cross that finish line.

Currently you too can become a BETA Tester of Run An Empire — and even receive your name forever immortalized within the game’s credits — all for a donation of just £6, giving you a head start on fortifying your personal empire. Meanwhile, those whom donate even more will be able to receive premium rewards such as: exclusive coat of arm supporters that will only ever be given to project backers, unique backer T-Shirts, and much more. Perhaps the most special reward of all — available only to one whom donates at least £5,000 — is the chance to be the absolute boss of PAN Studio for an entire day, wherein the team must do whatever your madness commands them too!