Run Fox Run Review

I feel it’s only right to begin this review by warning folks that Run Fox Run (out now, $0.99) pushes the addiction-O-Meter way, way off the scale, so if you’ve got something important you need to get done today, you may want to think twice about giving this one a download.

And that’s just the game’s secondary endless mode I’m referring to; Chris Johns’ and Icewire’s remarkably accomplished iOS debut also crams in a lengthy level-based story mode, a couple of enjoyable mini-games, and OpenFeint and Game Center support for good measure! It’s little wonder I’ve been raving about how excellent this title is to anyone who’ll listen ever since getting my paws on a beta build for last month’s hands-on preview, eh?

As good as the advance copy of Run Fox Run I played back then was, rather than rest on their laurels, Icewire have spent the subsequent weeks tweaking, polishing, and improving pretty much every aspect of this fun action platformer-cum-endless running game. The result is without a doubt one of the best examples of the well-populated genre(s) available on the App Store.

Run Fox Run’s story mode starts with an introductory cutscene that depicts our foxy hero venturing through a mysterious portal and being transported to a strange pixel style cityscape that is crawling with zombies and other enemies. Of course, the goal of each level is simply to make it as far as the exit point without falling to your demise and with one or more life-hearts still intact. The game handles running automatically, so all you have to worry about is bounding across gaps, bopping baddies on the head, and grabbing power-ups – think Super Mario Bros meets Canabalt.

Gameplay-wise, Run Fox Run may tread very similar ground to quite a few other iOS titles, but in terms of in terms of slick presentation, attention to detail, and interesting level design, Icewire knock it out of the park. Each of the game’s four kooky locales – Pixel, Cut-Out, Abstract & RPG – has its own unique art style, fantastic music, and crazy characters, which means you’ll often keep playing just to see what the next level or world has in store.

As you play through story mode you unlock a bonus playable character and the game’s true highlight – its super-addictive endless mode. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the main menu and credits screens also double as fun mini-games.

iFanzine Verdict: Run Fox Run goes the extra mile in terms of giving gamers all the content they could possibly want from an endless title. Beautiful presentation, spot-on controls, and an infinite potential for fun make for an absolutely unmissable game.