Run Legends: Co-op Fitness RPG

Run Legends: Co-op Fitness RPG Lets You Fight Stress And Have Fun!

Creative minds always think one step ahead of others. This is proved by the latest RPG Run Legends which is a Co-op Fitness role-playing game. Sounds unique, right? Sure, there have been other health & fitness apps/games but they focus more on the workout aspect. Run Legends, on the other hand, is parts working out and parts battling foes.

Run With The Legends

Published by Talofa Games, Run Legends is all about turning your exercise routine into a fun experience, especially when you’re chilling with your buddies. In the game, you’re up against these bad guys called the Sappers. What do they do? They drain your energy, symbolizing real-life stress. It’s not just about staying fit, the title dives into your story and mental health too.

Control your character’s moves, and the speed decides your battle skills. Battles are fast, like 5-15 minutes, so in a way, the game’s taking care of your screen time too. Upgrade your gear, make friends and uncover your character’s past. It’s got some pretty intense training with a virtual announcer, the operator, cheering you on during the game.

You can pause the game in between battles and resume whenever you want. The unique aspect of Run Legends: Co-op Fitness RPG is its narrative. Frankly speaking, some players may deem it a bit too much for an exercise app. But if you’re looking for more than just fitness, then you should give it a go. Here’s a glimpse of the gameplay!

Up For A Challenge?

Run Legends requires you to actually run or walk without cheating which is a win-win for most people looking to kill time during a solo walking or running session. It’s got nice artwork and UI with a good reward system and progression. It’s also social and lets you easily connect with other players.

It lets you flaunt your workout goals and achievements on social media. However, one drawback I noticed was that the sound didn’t play when my phone was locked although the game continues. I hope the dev team fixes this in upcoming updates. So, go on and get the game from the App Store.

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