Runes of Ardun

Runes Of Ardun, A New Shogi-Inspired Strategy Board Game, Drops On iOS!

Symbolic Software has launched a new game this week, called Runes of Ardun. It’s available for iOS devices at $1.99. The title is a Shogi inspired strategy board game with cute graphics. Wondering what Shogi is? Don’t worry, follow along as we give you a quick lowdown on the game.

A Modern Spin On Shogi

In case you don’t know, Shogi is a traditional Japanese board game like Chess. It’s a two-player strategy game that’s played on a 9×9 board. You get 20 different pieces, including kings, gold and silver generals, knights, lances, rooks, and bishops. The goal is to checkmate your opponent’s king like Chess, but the gameplay and strategy are a bit different.

Now, Runes of Ardun is a modern spin on this ancient Japanese game. Instead of using the usual Japanese characters (kings, generals, etc), the title has swapped them out for fun animal representations like owls, lions and rabbits. Also, instead of just black, white and brown, the entire board and pieces have a variety of colours like green, blue and purple.

In the game, each piece portrays the spirit of an ancient rune with the power of a mighty animal. When your runes reach the other side of the board, they level up, unlocking more abilities. Your goal is to capture your opponent’s Lion, which is like the king in Chess. If all of this sounds fun, head to the App Store and check out the game now.

Who Is Symbolic Software?

Symbolic Software is a company that’s into cryptography. Their first venture into the gaming world was through the board game Piccolo: Othello. Now, they have launched their second game, Runes of Ardun. The game is super easy for newbies to pick up and play. So, will you be trying it out?

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