Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 launches on iPhone on March 29

Rush Rally 3 will finally launch on iOS this March 29, developer Brownmonster has confirmed.

This follows from a beta period the developer held towards the end of last year. Though it was originally scheduled to launch in December, the developer pushed it to end of March to include a bunch of tester suggestions.

If you haven’t heard of the franchise before, it’s a rally racing game that truly looks like it came straight off a console.

Rush Rally 3 is a stunning console-quality racer

You’ll race through a wide variety of different tracks in a bunch of super fast cars. It’s notable for its day/night cycle, weather effects (the snow in particular is gorgeous), and different environments.

It features a career mode, a quick rally, online real time multiplayer, 72 different stages, and countless vehicles. Apparently, it will also run in 60 fps, which is incredible.

With MFi controller support the cherry on the cake, there’s no reason not to grab this as soon as it’s out. In the meantime, you can still play Rush Rally 2 on the App Store.