Rush Rally Origins Pre-Registration Now Live

Rush Rally Origins is the latest game in the awesome Rush Rally series, and pre-orders have just gone live on the App Store. The game looks awesome, and we’re super excited to get our hands all over its muddy undercarriage. That sounds wrong.

The game features 36 different tracks, loads of different cars and different weather conditions that are going to make throwing your rally car around those corners even more difficult. There are different surfaces to drive over too.

You can compete in massive rally championships, testing your mettle against a variety of different stages and trying to come out on top. There’s car cutomization and a bunch of other stuff to dive deep into as well.

The game features touch controls, as well as controller support, and it runs at 60fps, or 120fps on supported devices. Basically it’s everything you want from a rally game in one awesome-looking package.

You can pre-order Rush Rally Origins from the App Store by clicking here. The game is set to launch on August 19th, and when it does it’ll cost $4.99. That’s a one-off purchase, and there are no IAPs. Wicked cool.

If you want to find out more about the game, you can click here to visit the official Rush Rally Origins website. So, y’know, do that if you’d like.