Featured Image for Rush Royale, the tower defense game. It features multiple characters of the game with the vibrant logo and a crown on top.

Rush to the Rush Royale Rhandum League Tournament to Win Gold!

Rush Royale is organising a mega event, the Rhandum League Tournament which is starting today. The contest is part of Rush Royale’s third-anniversary celebrations. It has spells, crystals, gold, magic dust, and whatnot! Go ahead and download it from the App Store, it’s free to play. And whilst you give it time to get installed, let’s dive into the details of the tournament.

Rhandum League Tournament

The Rush Royale event is all about strategy and a not-giving-up attitude. Although, it’s available to players above League 1, the rarity level of all decks and units will be the same for everyone. But first, go over the six rules of the tournament well, which include building 5 unequal decks. You’ll be out of the tournament once you run out of time or lose 5 times.  

You’ll get a variety of modifiers as part of the tournament as well! There is Gift of the Heavens, Chaos, Icewalk, and more. These modifiers can either boost your gameplay or affect your opponent’s progress. You have the liberty to choose them but only after you’ve killed the last boss in each wave. Phew! I hope it’s not as tough as it sounds.

The tournament offers three spells (classic Rush Royale style) and tons of rewards. If you are among the top 100 players in the event, then you can win at least 50,000 gold and a badge. The champion will earn 100,000 gold with a badge and emojis. Great deal, right? Check out this page for extra details on the tournament.

More About Rush Royale

Rush Royale is a competitive tower defense plus collectible card game by MY. GAMES, a Dutch game developer. The game lets you fight with rigorous rating systems and deck upgrades. The Rhandum League Tournament is there for the next four days. It’ll be broadcast on Rush Royale’s socials for everyone to enjoy. So, go ahead and join in on the fun. Looking for events but for gacha games? Then, go grab diamonds and discounts at The Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains events!