Rush Wars

Rush Wars is Shutting Down on November 30, Supercell Confirms

Despite only launching back in August in beta, Rush Wars is officially closing on November 30, Supercell has confirmed.

Rush Wars combines Clash Royale’s battling system with Clash of Clans’s base-building system to create something distinctly Supercell.

Rush Wars is Like a Combination of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans

It was announced and launched back in August, and has seen a bunch of updates since then. Supercell is clearly not happy with the experience though, as it’s pulling the plug at the end of November.

You can learn more about Supercell’s reasoning in its official blog post, where it details why Rush Wars is no longer under development.

Or, you can try and get a few rounds in by grabbing it on the App Store before it closes on November 30.